24/10: Goldsmith Street Tour and Talk

24/10: Goldsmith Street Tour and Talk

Goldsmith Street, Norwich is a scheme of 100% social housing– developed by Norwich City Council working with Mikhail Riches Architects. It has been built in a very typical English provincial city residential neighbourhood but is an exception. It communicates the best of enlightened modern domestic European architecture from the outset and captures the spirit of a very special place.

All homes are built to Passivhaus specification and borrow the neighbouring narrow street width of 14m between blocks. Careful design of windows minimises overlooking, and an asymmetric roof profile allows good sunlight and daylight into the streets. The result is a very dense development, but one that is in no way oppressive. The workmanship is of high quality as is the specification. This is an exemplary project.

This event is part of the RIBA’s Great British Buildings series of talks and tours around the country.

Events details:

Date / time: 24 October 2019 4.15pm
Venues: Goldsmith Street, Norwich, NR2 4QF
Contact: Delyth Turner Harriss – Delyth-Ann.Turner-Harriss@riba.org
Tickets: £5 – £10
Booking: https://www.architecture.com/whats-on/riba-east-great-british-buildings-goldsmith-street