01/10: The Great Hospital - Guided Building Tour

01/10: The Great Hospital – Guided Building Tour

An exceptional set of medieval hospital buildings, in continuous use for more than 750 years.

The Great Hospital was founded in 1249 by Bishop Walter de Suffield with the original beneficiaries being aged priests, poor scholars, and sick and hungry paupers. It is situated on a 7-acre site in a bend of the River Wensum to the north-east of Norwich Cathedral.

The site includes the ancient parish church of St Helen and Eagle Ward with its lavishly decorated ‘eagle ceiling’, originally the chancel of the church. There is also a refectory, cloisters, 15th and 16th century wings, 19th century alms houses, the Birkbeck Hall, a fine example of Victorian/Edwardian Gothic revival architecture, and St Helen’s House, built by Thomas Ivory in the 18th century.

Event information:

Date / time: 1 October 2019 5.30pm duration 1.5h approx.
Venue: The Great Hospital, Bishopgate, Norwich, NR1 4EL
Contact: Domenico D’Alessandro SPAB Norfolk Hon. Secretary – spabnorfolk@gmail.com
Tickets: £10 per person
Booking: https://www.spab.org.uk/whats-on/events/building-tour-great-hospital-norwich
Non SPAB members please email spabnorfolk@gmail.com.